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Happy Birthday, Frank O’Hara!

March 27th is the birthday of a favorite poet of mine, Frank O’Hara. Little known today, perhaps because he was killed in a car accident in 1966 at the age of forty, O’Hara was a leading figure in the New … Continue reading

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A Writing Prompt

Writing prompts are little imagination-jogs (aka kicks in the literary pants) meant to get a writer, well, actually writing. They’re most often employed to overcome that notorious phenomenon known as writer’s block, the wall of trepidation the blank page seems … Continue reading

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As part of my self-education in film, I’m slowly working through Alfred Hitchcock’s oeuvre. Some of his early, lesser-known movies (lesser known to me at least) have been quite fun: The 39 Steps, Lifeboat, The Foreign Correspondent. Despite the era’s … Continue reading

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How Short Can a Story Be?

Hemingway’s apocryphal six-word story – “For sale, Baby shoes, Never worn.” — is justly famous. Not because he supposedly wrote it in mere seconds on a cocktail napkin in order to win a bet, but because it shows that a … Continue reading

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