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More Dramatic Than the Situation It Depicts

A while back I went to a retrospective for the late American photographer Gary Winogrand. Part of the exhibit was a short film recording of Winogrand giving a talk to a group of UCLA students. During the question and answer … Continue reading

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Reflections in a Golden Eye

I wrote a brief review/essay on the 1967 movie Reflections in a Golden Eye that is now streaming on FilmStruck. The film is directed by John Huston, the same guy who  helmed such classics as The Maltese Falcon and The … Continue reading

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Flash Friday: Botox at Whitman-Walker

Botox at Whitman-Walker I once went to the Whitman-Walker Clinic with Billy so he could get his Botox injections. The clinic was only a few blocks from his apartment, but he said he wasn’t feeling great and didn’t think he … Continue reading

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