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Loneliness and the Romance of Death

The film and culture website Vague Visages has been kind enough to accept my latest movie essay. This one is on the 2013 French thriller Stranger by the Lake. Please have a read if you get the chance!

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Portraits of Women in Film Noir

An essay I wrote about the use painted portraits of women appear in classic film noir is now up on the film site Vague Visages. They’d love it over there if you gave it a read. (Well, I would too!)

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Paper Airplanes

My short story Paper Airplanes has been published by Day One, a weekly literary magazine run by Amazon. I’m very happy that the story has finally found a home. First draft to final version took three years. In that time … Continue reading

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Buried Even though there was that Sunday you found yourself strung-out behind Whole Foods, banging on the metal service door you imagined was the entrance to a secret nightclub, and only took off when a stock boy called the cops, … Continue reading

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